Cheers to a New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Of course, I had to check in and break out some bubbly for an essential cocktail. It’s the most perfect night for celebrating our blessings of 2015.  Even if there were some bad or sad times. “In ALL things be grateful and have faith.”

Citrus Ningxia Bubbly #youngliving #YLEO

In every case, it’s a time to reflect on what we’ve been through, what we’ve accomplished, what we’re thankful for and where we want to be in 2016.  I feel there are tons of things for me to work on. In fact, I wrote 3 goals for each of the 7 Oola areas that need balance (Faith, Family, Fun, Fitness, Field, Friends, & Finance.) I LOVE that Young Living teamed up with the Oola guys (Dave Braun & Troy Amdahl, authors of Oola – Find Balance in an Unbalanced World) and created amazing essential oil blends to support our goals in each of those areas.  It makes complete sense that we pair a scent with each of our goal areas – considering the sense of smell is one of the strongest in managing our behavior.  A smell can bring back a memory from childhood just. like. that.  Anyone else get taken back when they smell Love’s Baby Soft or Polo cologne? Ok, I really dated myself. Maybe pumpkin pies baking, cigar smoke… have some smell that can transport you back in time, we all do.

Citrus NIngxia Bubbly #youngliving #YLEO

So, what does it look like I mixed up?  I used Ningxia Red, tequila, Young Living Orange essential oil, and a brut champagne which is the driest (least sweet) of all the sparkling wines. If you like sweeter drinks like I do, you can either add simple syrup or sour mix, or you’ll just go with a sweeter sparkling wine/champagne like sec, demi-sec or the sweetest of all: doux.

Citrus NIngxia Bubbly #youngliving #YLEO


So mix up a little bubbly and some oily goodness, and say “Cheers” to you and all you’re thankful for, and a New and Better New Year!

Citrus Ningxia Bubbly


  • 2 oz chilled Ningxia Red
  • 1 oz tequila (or vodka)
  • 2 drops Young Living Orange or Lemon essential oil
  • ~4oz chilled champagne or sparkling wine
  • Optional: 1 oz simple syrup or sour mix may be needed for a bit of sweetness IF you use a brut champagne (driest/least sweet champagne.)

Mix first three ingredients in a tall glass. Top with champagne. Enjoy!